Thursday, 7 November 2019

What Causes Bed Bugs? A Quick Look At Some Myths And Facts

Bed bugs are making a slow resurgence as pests, infesting dormitories, hotels and even making their way into homes all around the world. With that, may people want to know what causes bed bugs in the hopes of preventing home infestations?

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Some Myths On What Causes Bed Bugs

Here are some common misconceptions about the causes of bed bugs, and why these misconceptions are really not true.

Bed bugs usually infest poor and urban homes – Many people believe that these bugs only infest people living in poor, crowded and urban areas. This is far from the truth, though. It does not matter how much you make or how big your house is – these bugs can infest any home, from the smallest shanty to the biggest mansion.

Bed bugs love to live in dirty places – Another popular belief is that bed bugs tend to reside in filthy areas. Unfortunately, there is no association between filth and bed bugs. These insects feed on animal and human blood. As long as there are humans or animals to feed on, they can happily reside even in very clean homes.

You can only get bed bugs from cheap and dingy accommodations – Because bed bugs are literally nondiscriminatory insects – they can be found anywhere. In fact, there are high-end hotels or very affluent homes with rooms infested with bed bugs. They can be found in public areas such as waiting rooms, lounges and offices. That said, you can get bed bugs from anywhere at all. They can hitch a ride on your clothes or bags and find their way back home.

How Bed Bugs Really Reach Your Home

Bed bugs travel from one place to another by hitchhiking, so they normally infest places where people come and go regularly. These places include dormitories, apartments, shelters, motels and hotels and military barracks. These places have a lot of people coming and going, which means that there is a higher chance that someone carrying bed bugs might come and stay in the place.

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What causes of bed bugs to reach your home is “hitchhiking”. They rarely stay on their human hosts after feeding, so they tend to hide in clothing, luggage, furniture, and other items. They stay there and go back home with you. Once inside your home, bed bugs crawl away into new hiding places such as behind baseboards, under your mattress, inside furniture seams, and under wallpaper, multiplying as they go. It is just a matter of time before they find their way to your bed. While bed bugs do not love dirt, they certainly delight in clutter. As they are reclusive creatures, they love to hide. Thus, more clutter in your home means more hiding places for them.

So, to cap off things, what causes bed bugs? Bed bugs can easily reach your home by “hitchhiking” its way there. Thus, it pays to be extra careful about the things that you bring home, especially from traveling or from second-hand stores.

For more info about bed bugs, contact with a professional Pest Control Hobart company.

Monday, 4 November 2019

How To Kill Roaches

Killing Roaches

Roaches can invade your home spreading disease and bacteria to you and your kids. They are extremely difficult to rid from the home and will continue to reproduce in alarming numbers. Here we will discuss how to get rid of roaches and roach killers.

If you see one roach, you have more holes within your house. Check for them at nighttimes with a flashlight looking for symptoms such as droppings. They leave behind a slimy brown residue or pellets. Look for the place where the cockroaches are entering your house. Check for cracks and openings in which they might be using to enter. You can try sealing these openings but cockroaches will likely find another opening.

Trying to kill roaches is a difficult task. Remember that pesticides are unsafe for kids and pets and to use care when applying, better to use natural roach control when possible.

One technique of roach eradication is dusting with a mixture of flour, boric acid, and cocoa. Use 1 part cocoa, 1 part acid, and 2 parts flour. Place this mixture in cupboards, at the bottom of sinks and toilets and in cracks. The roaches are not scared of this mixture and will drag it home to their young, killing them.

Insecticide sprays are an effective way to get rid of cockroaches but they must be used with care. Keep the children, pets away when spraying and be sure to follow the instructions on the can label. This spray should be applied where cockroaches are entering the house and where they hide. Be sure to spray in cracks and vents to successfully kill cockroaches.

Cockroach bait can be bought to kill roaches. It is available as a gel that is mixed with cockroach bait that attracts the vermin. This is carried back to the home by the cockroach and eventually kills all the bugs. You can also get bait that is enclosed in a childproof container. Kids should not handle the containers but since the poison is enclosed, it is safer than an open material such as a gel.

 If you want to trap the cockroaches place jars of water and coffee grounds along the wall. The cockroaches will be able to climb in but not run away. Place any bait you wish in the jar but coffee grounds are recognized to magnetize the roaches.

There are many home remedies to get rid of roaches at home, if you are comfortable getting close to the roaches, you can throw soap and water mixture on them to immediately kill them. Roaches inhale throughout their skin and the soap in the combination clogs their breathing pores. Be sure to splash the head and front with the soapy water and if you can get close enough, their stomach. The roach will try running away but will die some steps later. Get rid of the cockroach as quickly as possible as it may get well and run back to its hiding spot. This technique is the most effective and the cheapest way to eradicate roaches in the house.

To prevent re infestation, be sure to keep your home free of crumbs and spills. These messes magnetize cockroaches and once plague happens, it is hard to get control. Be sure any leaking tap or drains are repaired as roaches are attracted to water. If you think the roaches are gaining entry to your house via drains, pour bleach down the drain. Do this every morning before you leave the house to exterminate any intruder. For more info, contact with a Hobart Pest Control company.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Which Things Attract Rodent Most?

Rodents are pests that have the same need as humans such as comfort, shelter, and food. However, if these things are provided to rodents, then they will take every opportunity for being comfortable in your house or office.

If rodents tend for being out of sight and it needs very less food to sustain themselves and they are low-maintenance guests. Rodents can create some serious damages to the interior of your house by chewing the wires, spreading diseases as well as contaminating food. Some major things can easily attract rodents in your house. Let us see some of the things listed by professional pest control services provider that is responsible for attracting rodents.

Major Things for Attracting Rodents

  • Warmth

    Rodents usually look for warmth, especially in the late fall when the temperature starts to drop down of your locality. They are well known for detecting the warmth of the house through the openings of the wall and they can use it as an invitation for rodents to get infested in your house. The water heaters are especially popular for rodent infestation because it provides a steady source of heat. This also acts as an ideal hiding sight for the rodents.
  • Food

    Rodents are not able to resist the lure of food, whether it is leftover scraps, freshly cooked meal, food debris and they are majorly problematic in the industry of restaurant. However, rodents are technically known to be omnivores and they prefer diet of seeds; grains as well as fruits importantly that are high in carbohydrates. The Rodent Pest Control Services experts found that rodents are not a picky eater and they can live upon a minimum of an ounce of food as well as water in a day. The treats of kitchen are not the only thing that constitutes the food for mice. The electrical wiring and cardboard boxes are also equally appealing food items for rodents.
  • Clutter

    Rodents love to nest as well as burrow; they would seek the cluttered areas for making at home. A place having sufficient place to hide and warmth would also fit the bill for their infestation. The clutter can build upon on its own, it also becomes difficult for a person to clean it, and it can further encourage the rodents to burrow their nests.

    The pest control services provided concluded that garages, storage spaces, and attics are best-cluttered areas. Firewood is also known for attracting rodents and you should avoid storing it directly upon the floor or against the wall for providing access to rodents.

    The high-rises, as well as commercial spaces, usually attract the rodents in the cluttered compactor as well as trash rooms of buildings. This is because they offer warmth as well as shelter along with some tasty treats. The storage areas can also be problematic as the boxes could create abundant opportunities to make nest.

Contact Impressive Pest Control Pro to Avail Best Services

We at Impressive Pest Control always want to provide the best level of satisfaction to our potential clients. This is because we believe in proving what we say rather than bluffing the customers. Therefore, availing our Local Pest Control Services in Brisbane would create imperfect environment for rodents to reside.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Got Annoying Ants? Try These 3 Tips And You Won’t Anymore

Ants are consider as most stubborn and irritating insect pest in houses spread into different areas, the dangers they pose to people in terms of property damage and stings. Ants has many different species some of them are harmless and some are more destructive and  it becomes difficult to exterminate ants from house.When ants take up residence in buildings, they can become a nuisance. They can also be maddening and disparaging as an outdoor pest when they shell in lawns and gardens
When you see a trail of ants making their way across your kitchen floor, you need to act fast to make your home less inviting to these tiny invaders. It doesn’t have to be an exclusive problem. Before you call a Pest Removal Brisbane give these quick and easy solutions a try.

Clean House

A clean home is the best defense against these pests. Ants can endure on the little bits of food and moisture you leave behind. Just because you can’t see the ant buffet on your floor and counter tops, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Deprive ants of a free meal by keeping your kitchen clean. Never leave food sitting out. Keep your sink free of dishes. Sweep up all the petite crumbs after meals. It’s also a good idea not to wait until your wastebasket is full before taking it out. Water on the countertop can also draw ants. These resourceful little creatures are always on the look-out for a water source. Even a small amount of water can look like an oasis to a dehydrated ant. Be certain you keep things dried up. If ants can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll move on.

Shut Them Out

When you spot ants in your house, do a little detective work and track them back to the point of entry. Once you determine how the ants are getting inside, work on sealing up their entrance. Ants come in through small cracks in walls and floors and gaps under doors and windows. Use caulk to seal in these gaps to get rid of ants. Adding climate stripping under doors and around windows can also help.

Erase the Scent Trail

There is a cause that ants travel in single file following a scent tailing. You can’t see it but its there. The scent trail left behind by “scouts” point the way to the food source they have discovered in your kitchen. Once you disrupt the trail, you halt the invasion.

Soapy water does a great job of wiping out the scent trail. Spray a little along the ant’s route and watch the traffic dry up. You can also spray some of the solution in front of doors and windows to create a barrier around these entryways.

Make It Smell

After the section on scent trails, you know that ants have an acute sense of smell. They actually sense odors through their antennas rather than nostrils. Fortunately, most of the smells that bother ants aren’t that offensive us. Vinegar is a good example. Just wipe down kitchen surfaces with a mixture of white vinegar and water. It’s not only a great natural cleaning solution; it also smells terrible to ants. Plus it removes their scent trails. Lemon juice, pepper, and peppermint oil work well, too. Leave a slight wherever you suspect ants are inflowing. You can prevent them from getting indoors by sprinkling coffee grounds around the basis of your residence. These “home remedies” not only work, they take the place of harsh repellents and dangerous poisons.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Top 5 products for Pest Control of Ants

Why search for an external product to get rid of ants infestation when you can use the ready made ant removal specialist? Our experts have suggested good natural products which will help you to get rid of the ant infestation. These are the best and cheap products which are available in your kitchen and within your reach.

These natural remedies are ranked based on the user experience and the effect may vary depending on the infestation level and the usage. We have listed the top 5 natural remedies for pest control.

These are Useful for Keeping the Ants Away from Your Indoor Stuff.

  • Lemon Juice: The easily available and effective remedy for kicking ants away is the lemon juice. As we all know, ants follow their scents to keep track of their journey. Citrus in the lemon kills this track and keeps the ants confused. The lemon juice is the best ant keep-away remedy at the best price.
  • Cinnamon: You can use cinnamon in any form - powder, oil, essence spray. The cinnamon keeps the ants away as the strong scent from cinnamon locks them down in a place. This makes it easy to flush them away from home. You can use cinnamon oil and spray over the wooden area. This will keep them away from your spot.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is very well known for its odor. The strong scent in the peppermint oil keeps the ants away and it helps in erasing the tracks further. The peppermint oil can be used separately or you can mix little neem oil to it. Both together acts as the perfect Pest Control Brisbane for ant infestation.
  • Borax, water, sugar: This is one of the long and effective process for trapping the ants in one place. Mix borax, water and sugar all together and apply them on a paper or cardboard and place them near the hive. This will attract the  ants and traps them in the same place. This entire process may take a week or so. Yet this is one of the best ant removal specialist favorite remedy. Though it is a long process, it helps in clearing the ant infestation in bulk.
  • Coffee Grounds: You can sprinkle coffee grounds on the ants infestation area and this will fade away their track scent. This is one of the classic methods to confuse the ants and keep them away from your stuff. You can also make a trap by blocking the ants in a circle and directing them towards the water bath. This will trap the ants and eventually kills them in one place.

How We Can Assist You?

The Impressive Pest Control technicians are there to suggest you best products which can help you in keeping the ants away from your spot and stuff. There are also other pest control remedies which can be done from the items in your regular kitchen. These are some of the top easy to reach ant infestation removal techniques. if you want to flush the ants outdoor away, you can contact the best ant removal specialist Brisbane for Pest Infestation removal.